Unknown Facts About The Famous Michelin Star Rank

 The Cheapest Michelin Restaurant Is Singapore's Hawker Stall

#3 The Cheapest Michelin Restaurant Is Singapore’s Hawker Stall

Located in the busy Chinatown Food Complex in Singapore, Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle offers the cheapest food for a Michelin star restaurant.

Considering that it is a hawker stall, it has been awarded the Michelin Star for providing an exemplary culinary experience!

The Michelin Star stall is managed by Mr. Chan Hon Meng, preparing the infamous Soya Sauce Chicken for over 35 years.

Mr. Meng learned how to cook under a Hong Kong chef, so he aptly named his stall.

The signature dish offered by the booth is Soya Sauce Chicken Rice is which costs only $2!

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