Unknown Facts About The Famous Michelin Star Rank

The Michelin Star Guide is the most coveted book that chefs across the world aspire to be listed in.

Michelin Star is the highest form of culinary recognition given to a restaurant for its exemplary food.

However, this term is often associated with exorbitant pricing for small-sized dishes, unusual food presentations, and challenging places to get reservations in.

On the other hand, getting to dine in one of the Michelin Star restaurants is considered an experience worth indulging in.

Michelin Star Guide aims to provide recognition and celebrate fantastic food that people can enjoy.

The Michelin Star Guide is regarded as the Holy Grail across the global food industry.

While you will be spending almost months of your salary eating delicious food at the Michelin Star restaurants, here are some interesting facts that most people are unaware of.

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