These Are the Most Expensive Pets To Own

It feels like pets have been tagging along with humans since before recorded history. There must have been pragmatic reasons at first. What about now? Pet ownership is an entire subculture.

It’s a world of odd food, funny toys, and raucous playdates. Since pets demand as much hard work as they do, owning one can appear unintuitive. You can’t talk to pets and they can often seem indifferent to you. Unlike kids, they can’t help you around the house or take care of you when you’re old.

Some of them are prone to costly health issues, have special grooming requirements, live in specific habitats, or even increase home insurance premiums. Yet millions of people raise pets all over the world. Sometimes it’s for the companionship, one-sided as it is, but it can go further.

For some, their pet would seem to function as a sort of status symbol. These “luxury pets” can ask for a load of cash upfront, and that’s just the beginning. There is typically a whirlwind of pet food, veterinarian bills, and grooming techniques to get acquainted with. Then there’s adopting an exotic novelty pet, which can sound like committing to a new lifestyle without any promise of reward.

Don’t miss the nitty-gritty on 30 of the most expensive pets out there.

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