The Most Bizarre Things That People Do To Their Foods

Hot Chocolate And Avocado

#8 Hot Chocolate And Avocado

In seeing these two ingredients put together, one can’t help but think that the result of this combination would be a dark, slushy, and green, leaning on brown, concoction.

While avocados are great and chocolate is splendid; can these two kingdoms see eye-to-eye? Brave bloggers have answered the pressing question positively, stating that the two go well together like a hand in a glove.

Achieving a cup of creamy hot chocolate has never been easier (and healthier) with the aid of a freshly ripened avocado. Depending on how rich you like your hot cocoa, you can play around with the avocado to cocoa ratio.

Oh, and don’t worry about the taste, many reviews proclaim that all you get is the indulgent fat from the avocado.

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