The Biggest Mass Shootings That Shook The World

Recent Mass Shooting In US

1. Recent Mass Shooting In US

It is said that everything is fair in love and war! But still, killing people is just not justified. Unfortunately in a series of events, the U.S has faced severe mass shootings that have shaken the entire world!

Recently this week, in an unfortunate event, as many as 10 people were shot dead in Colorado including a police officer by some unidentified gunman. 

This happened very suddenly in an early afternoon in a grocery store, where people had come to buy groceries as usual. The gunmen suddenly opened fire killing 10 people which included people of all nationalities. 

The suspect caught is still in police custody. The officials suspect it to be led by hate crime, especially towards Asians. Everyone in the works has condemned the gun violence in this incident and prayed for victim’s families.

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