Ridiculously Expensive Paintings In the World

“Nurse” by Roy Lichtenstein 1964 ($95.4M)

#23 “Nurse” by Roy Lichtenstein 1964 ($95.4M)

The artist painted this at the peak of his career. “Nurse” is an amazing work of art that’s both bold and beautiful in its own way. This painting changed the direction of the then famous forms of art and paved the way for a new & contemporary artform – pop art.

Lichtenstein, known as the maverick of parodies, stumbled upon this classic form of depiction after trying different genres of art. But when he did, it was a great success that made him immensely popular in this form of art.

48 x 48 inches in size, the “Nurse” was made with oil on canvas. Before this, Lichtenstein made his first pop art in 1961 with his work known as Girl with Ball.

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