Ridiculously Expensive Paintings In the World

“Chop Suey” by Edward Hopper (1929) ($91.9M)

#24 “Chop Suey” by Edward Hopper (1929) ($91.9M)

There’s a sense of loneliness that has become an inseparable part of modern times, especially the loneliness that’s experienced in a crowded place. The artist Edward Hopper was a master in depicting this very fact through his form of art. And the depiction used to be near perfect.

In this painting too, Hopper has brought to life the emptiness and the void that the two female friends sitting on a table are experiencing despite being together. The same can be said for the couple sitting at the table behind.

The painting sold at a record price of $92M thereby making it the highest ever for the artist’s work.

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