Ridiculously Expensive Paintings In the World

“Garçon à la pipe” by Pablo Picasso (1905) ($104.2M)

#22 “Garçon à la pipe” by Pablo Picasso (1905) ($104.2M)

Thus far itis considered to be the most expensive work of figure painting. Created by theyoung and budding artist in his initial period towards becoming great, thepainting is one of the most iconic creations of the last century. Picasso wasonly 24 years old when he created this.

The paintingportrays a Parisian boy holding a pipe in his hand and a band of intertwinedflowers on his head. This masterpiece of Picasso portrays the beauty ofadolescence with a fine balance of masculinity as well as femininity at once.

The paintingwent on to become the most expensive art work sold at an auction when it gotpicked up for $104.2 million in 2004.

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