Real Scams That You Should Stay Far Away From

Pyramid Schemes

17. Pyramid Schemes

If you are someone who browses the internet, you will most likely be familiar with this type of scam. Pyramid schemes, which are also known as Ponzi schemes, are named after Charles Ponzi who became famous in 1920 for making a quick buck off lying to people.

Now, this scam is most commonly known as a Pyramid Scheme. These types of scams can range from the settling of weight loss products and medicine to beauty products and quick fixes for any basic issues.

Most of the time, sellers will all be a part of one company and sell to all outlets by using social media, email, or speaking with people in person. Usually, there are multiple levels of products that can be purchased, and various levels of membership.

These products being sold are first purchased at a cheap cost, but then offer individuals with manual monthly purchases and increased prices.

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