Most Dangerous Vacation Spots in the World

Danakil Desert: Ethiopia, Africa

#26 Danakil Desert: Ethiopia, Africa

One quick look at that photo and we’re sure you know that this is no picnic spot. In fact, we think it should be named Dana’kill’ instead of Danakil! This spot is in Ethiopia and is a hotbed of dangerous geysers that shoot extremely toxic gases up in the air.

The reason for the alien-like color of the lake? It’s all thanks to the acidic content of the water – a swim here is easily one of the worst ideas ever. And that’ not even it! This region also has several active volcanoes scattered around the landscape.

Last, but not least, did we tell you that this area is hot as hell? The temperatures in this region regularly hover around 50 degrees Celsius, or 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Yikes!

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