Most Dangerous Vacation Spots in the World

Snake Island: Brazil

#28 Snake Island: Brazil

The very thought of an island full of poisonous snakes sounds like it’s straight out of a really bad dream. and Brazil’s snake island sure is one scary place for tourists! The island houses the largest number of snakes in a single spot, include Bothrops – the world’s most poisonous snake.

Scared yet? There’s more. The island has around 5 snakes in a single square meter of space! And the venom of the Bothrops snake is called the deadliest for a reason – it’s extremely rapid in spreading, and literally elts the skin around your bite. 

But even if there are daredevils willing to venture into this hellscape, they won’t be allowed to do it. The Brazilian strictly forbids any civilian from visiting the island. Good idea, we’d say!

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