Most Dangerous Vacation Spots in the World

Maroon Bells, Colorado

#11 Maroon Bells, Colorado

If you’re thinking ‘how can such a gorgeous place be dangerous?’, then we’d like to remind you that looks can often kill! The Maroon Bells, that consist of the Maroon peak and the North Maroon peak of the Rockies range, have a nickname. It’s ‘Deadly Bells’. *shivers*

And this is no casual nickname, either. Legitimate official trail signs call it that as well. The reason behind this sinister nickname is the fact that back in 1965, eight tourists died in a total of 5 different incidents around the Maroon Bells.
The culprit? The loose, unstable mudstone rocks that form the mountains. These easily break off and can turn out to be fatal in a single slip-up. 
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