History Of Why Popcorn Is The Most Favorite Theatre Snack

Picture the last time you entered a cinema hall. If people with buckets of popcorn is one of the first images that comes to mind, then you’re getting somewhere.

Here is something that might surprise you: studies show that up to 93% of a theatre demographic indulges in popcorn! And why should it not?

It fits every taste-bud type, be it sweet, or salty, or spicy, or any other!

Not to mention, it is easily accessible no matter where you go. Neither is its abundance puts animals or the environment at risk overall.

But when and where did this journey begin? And how did popcorn come to be so closely associated with entertainment?

Listed below is a chronologically laid history of how talkies-and-popcorn became a thing of tradition.

So, are you ready to know more about why popcorn is the most favorite theatre snack?

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