Famous Assassins And What Happened to Them

Jeanette van Nessen

30. Jeanette van Nessen

Jeanette is known as one of the most famous female assassins of modern times. She was born in the Netherlands and lived on a houseboat, making her money by freelance killing.

For some hits, she received around $80,000 and did most of her work in South Africa. Her last hire was when she killed a Mossad agent whose name was Carl.

Carl’s friend was desperate for revenge and made it his life mission to track her down. Avner Kaufner, and his two friends who wanted to avenge Carl’s death, showed up at her houseboat and had her cornered.

She tried seducing them by taking off her robes and as she reached for her gun, the men shot her and left her there to die.

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