Did You Know These Monumental Things Were Invented By Women?

Radium and Polonium by Marie CurieMarie

#24 Radium and Polonium by Marie CurieMarie

Curie is perhaps one of the leading physicists in the world. She is known for her incredible discovery of polonium and radium.

MarieCurie and Pierre, her husband, were conferred the Nobel Prize for Physics alongside Henri Becquerel for their research on radioactivity.

In 1911, Marie won her second Nobel Prize, this time in the field of Chemistry. She was honored once again for creating the means to measure radioactivity.

Marie was responsible for overseeing the development of the very first radium institute.

This institute focused on radioactivity as well as research on cancer treatment. Moreover, during WWI, Marie also developed mobile X-rays to help diagnose injuries on the battlefield.

Thus, she helped save millions of lives with her invention.

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