Did You Know These Monumental Things Were Invented By Women?

The Solar Heated Home by Dr. Maria Telkes

#25 The Solar Heated Home by Dr. Maria Telkes

A Hungarian-American scientist, biophysicist, and remarkable inventor, Dr. Maria Telkes worked tirelessly on solar energy-related technologies.

She is known as one of the primary founders of solar thermal storage systems.

Dr. Telkes was so brilliant that she created a miniature desalination system for installation on lifeboats. This unit was powered by solar energy as well as condensation for collecting potable water.

This invention helped innumerous sailors and airmen. Plus, she was instrumental in creating the first solar-heated house in 1940. She was also part of the Solar Energy Research Project at MIT.

There, she worked on various solar energy projects, which are now implemented in homes across the planet.

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