Did You Know These Monumental Things Were Invented By Women?

Chocolate Chip Cookies by Ruth Wakefield

#26 Chocolate Chip Cookies by Ruth Wakefield

Close your eyes and think of your guilty pleasure. We’re certain most of you have chocolate chip cookies on your mind.

We all love these chocolatey, fudgy wonders! Well, Ruth Wakefield is the woman behind this delightful treat.

A chef, dietician, and educator, Wakefield was the owner of the Toll House Inn. She baked the Toll House cookie in 1930 and ended up adding chunks of Nestle chocolate to the dough.

Since there was already a butterscotch cookie being served to the guests, Ruth wanted to serve another variant.

American soldiers during WWII received these cookies and loved them so much that they asked for more. Well, that’s how we got the world’s most popular cookie!

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