Did You Know These Monumental Things Were Invented By Women?

The Home Security System by Marie Van Brittan Brown

#29 The Home Security System by Marie Van Brittan Brown

Don’t we love having secure homes? Yes, absolutely! Marie Van Brittan Brown, along with her husband, made this dream come true with their astounding invention.

This pair built the first home security system in the world.

Since Marie worked till late, she was worried about the increasing crime rate in the neighborhood. Plus, the police’s delayed response time urged her to take action.

Her design of the home security system has three peepholes with a camera that was equipped to shift.

She then installed a radio-operated system that could stream the video recording to the television inside the house.

Moreover, this system also allowed communication between the visitor and people inside the house. Lastly, this system could contact the emergency responders in a single tap! Fantastic, isn’t it?

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