Did You Know These Monumental Things Were Invented By Women?

Disposable diapers by Marion Donovan

#5 Disposable diapers by Marion Donovan

Who better than a pregnant mommy to have been behind the invention of disposable diapers.

Marion O’Brien Donovan decided to solve leakage and soiled diapers by coming up with a disposable variant that would be safe on the baby’s skin.

Donovan was a creative inventor and never settled for bad designs. She created the first disposable diaper by sewing up pieces from bathroom curtains.

Her invention of the waterproof disposable diaper earned her over a million dollars and got her into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in2015.

Over the years, Donovan has got over 20 patents to her name with various inventions like dental floss device, pull cord for zipper dress, and a check and record book.

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