Did You Know These Monumental Things Were Invented By Women?

Kevlar- a Strong Synthetic fiber by Stephanie Kwolek

#7 Kevlar- a Strong Synthetic fiber by Stephanie Kwolek

An American chemist working at DuPont Company, StephanieKwolek, discovered a synthetic fiber that showed brilliant strength.

This particular synthetic fiber in question is poly- para phenylene terephthalamide.

When Kwolek worked with dissolved polyamides, she discovered that a particular batch had turned into milky runny liquid.

Instead of discarding this bad batch, she went on to experiment with it, and it turned out to be the stiffest and strongest fiber up to date.

She was the inventor behind what we call Kevlar today, a strong yet extremely lightweight fiber that is also heat resistant.

Kevlar is used for bulletproof vests, spacecraft units, ski equipment, and much more!

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