Did You Know These Monumental Things Were Invented By Women?

Coffee Filter by Melitta Bentz

#19 Coffee Filter by Melitta Bentz

You’d be surprised to know that Melitta, the German coffee brand, is named after a woman entrepreneur, Melitta Bentz! She is best known for her contribution to inventing coffee filters.

What came as a blessing to coffee lovers around the globe had quite an interesting story behind it. Melittaspoke of how the coffee grounds in her mother’s cup always annoyed her.

This led her to think of different ways to brew. After having failed several times, in 1908, Melitta tore a bit of blotting paper from a notebook and inserted it into a tin pot with holes.

Then, she poured hot water over ground coffee inside the cup. As the water dripped through, the beverage went straight to the bottom of the cup. Well, the rest is history.

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