Did You Know These Monumental Things Were Invented By Women?

The Life Raft by Maria Beasley

#22 The Life Raft by Maria Beasley

An entrepreneur and inventor, Maria Beasley, is best known for developing the life raft. She holds 15 patents in America besides two others in Great Britain.

Post her groundbreaking work in the field of barrel-making; Maria designed the life raft in 1880.

The new life raft design had guard railings around the raft along with metal floats. Most importantly, this design could fold and unfold with ease.

Thus, this life raft is extremely convenient to store despite the presence of rails.

Before Beasley designed this life-saving invention, life rafts were wooden boards. These were flat and not very secure. Today, life raft designs have evolved, but the purpose remains the same!

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