35 Fabulous Tips for Every 20-Something to Ace

Laughing Stock

#15 Laughing Stock

Being laughed at isn’t anybody’s idea of fun. It is humiliating and deprecating to have a group of people, even your family, laugh at you.

How much ever you try, there are times where you’re bound to be laughed at.

Whether it is an awkward date, a foolish work mistake, or maybe you just slipped, you’re bound to make mistakes.

Mistakes are how we learn, and learning to laugh at your mistakes is a skill you need to learn.

Being able to laugh at yourself shows the ability to be light-hearted and confident. Besides, laughter feels good, especially if you’re the one laughing.

Don’t let others have all the fun at your expense, laugh away your mistakes; otherwise, you’ll just be stuck with them!

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