35 Fabulous Tips for Every 20-Something to Ace

Rest Is Best

#19 Rest Is Best

Ever woken up from a 12-hour nap and still felt tired and groggy? Maybe you spent an hour on break and didn’t feel energized at all. Or did you spend all day lounging in bed but still feel exhausted?

Well, even if it seems like you’re resting, you’re not. No 12-hour map is going to fix you up as well as the rest can.

Being well-rested is just as vital to work and your health as anything else, as resting gives your body a chance to heal.

If you don’t rest, then you’re not going to be as productive as you could be.

Give your brain a break, and that doesn’t mean mindless scrolling on your phone.

Sit for a bit with no external stimulation, maybe pen down your thoughts, or even just a quick walk can re-energize you. Before you can learn to work, learn how to rest.

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