30 Passive Income Ideas You Can Use to Build Real Wealth

Sell Your Junk

#6 Sell Your Junk

Selling your junk benefits you twofold:

  1. you earn some extra cash, and
  2. you declutter your home.

Look around your house for the things you hardly use. These are what you should consider selling.

Many times, we buy things we think we need or buy things we need only for a day, and then never use them again.

Rather than let them clutter up your spaces, post them on an app like OfferUp and see if you can make a quick buck.

If you really want this to be passive, see if you can rope in a friend or maybe even a younger family member to take pictures of the items and post them online for you.

You can pay them a small fee for doing the work, and then make back the money once you’ve sold all your junk.

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