30 Passive Income Ideas You Can Use to Build Real Wealth

Cashback Sites

#13 Cashback Sites

Cashback sites give you money for shopping.

It sounds simple enough. But how does it work?

For every purchase you make when you buy through the site, you get a percentage back.

Users first sign up for a free membership and then use the website as a personal shopping portal.

When you search for a product you would normally buy on these sites, you click the item and are redirected to the company’s website to make the purchase.

This may seem like an unnecessary step, but the benefit is that the cash really comes back to you.

And for those of you wondering where the money comes from…

Cashback sites essentially act as affiliates and make a profit every time they refer a product to the customer. Part of the money they earn is kept, and the rest is sent to you.

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