30 Most Unbelievable Robberies & Heists Ever Planned

What are the two most time-honored methods that allow people never to work again? You guessed it, champ!

Winning a lottery, and robbing a bank are the two fantasies that have captivated many since times immemorial. Unfortunately, robberies and heists work if you’re not caught in the act or after it.

If this is a topic that captivates you, we have a rundown of the 30 most unbelievable robberies & heists ever planned. Some of them have inspired blockbuster films like ‘King of Thieves,’ ‘Finding Steve McQueen,’ and ‘The Bank Job.’

The others on the list are electrifying enough to inspire timeless stagecraft that can keep us glued to the TV or the Silver screen.

Psst., we arranged the list from the newest to the oldest.

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