Are They Really Forever? Interesting Truths About Diamonds

At first glance, diamonds look quite similar to hard pieces of glass, the only obvious difference being in their shape and in the fact that they sparkle.

But did you also know that unlike glass, diamonds have been around for billions of years?

It’s no secret that diamonds are coveted all over the world; a symbol of power, status, wealth, and love.

However, diamonds also represent, to a large degree, struggle, materialism, oppression, and the division of social classes.

It’s fascinating how this regular, shiny stone mined from deep within the Earth’s crust came to be loved, respected, and loathed and became one of the most expensive materials on the planet.

And while we’re all dimly aware of what a costly affair it is to procure a single piece of diamond, we’re not entirely sure why.

Well, here are a few hard facts about diamonds that might explain why it’s so valuable in the first place.

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