10 Of The Most Expensive Airbnb Accommodations For Rent

Sydney, Australia - $3,000/night

#3 Sydney, Australia – $3,000/night

Fabulous panoramic views, the astonishing Opera House and an array of beaches make Sydney Australia’s top destination, again and again.

Renovated to its original Victorian style, but with a twist of modern decor, this six-bedroomed, seven-bathroom house can easily accommodate 14 guests, and is easily as luxurious as a five-star hotel.
It comes with a pool, gym, spa and outdoor entertaining and, located in an exclusive suburb, offers plenty of privacy.
Even so, you’re only a 15-minute drive from central Sydney. Still, with its beautifully-presented gardens, who needs the city when you can stare at views of Mosman Beach all day?

Musgrave House rents for $3,000 a night.

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